Coaches info

the information on these pages are for coaches including racing procedure, rules, and more...

please refer to the drop downs as well.

Information Centre

The Regatta Office is located outside the Staff Lounge, main Administration Block, to assist with all coach queries, entry changes or any other concerns.

Any outstanding fees for the regatta can be paid in full at the Regatta Office by check or credit card. Fees must be paid before racing starts.

A member from each club should stop by the Regatta Office to pick up their regatta package, security wrist bands and meal tickets.


For information concerning the regatta, please contact:

Laryssa Biesenthal - Regatta Chairperson

tel: (250) 743 5521 ext. 8136

Laryssa Biesenthal - Head of Rowing

Equipment assistance

Please Note - Brentwood will do its utmost to assist crews traveling from afar but, it must be understood that clubs should provide and be responsible for their own equipment as far as possible.


On Campus

Brentwood will provide gym space as far as possible on campus at $19 per person per night (not including coaches / chaperones). Our capacity for this service is 800 athletes, so make your requests early and accurately as we will close the registration for this when we meet our limit. Adult supervision of athletes from each club must be provided at all times in the sleeping areas. Failure to provide the required supervision will mean that your athletes will have to leave and make other arrangements.

This fee is to cover the considerable janitorial expenses. Otherwise, there are many bed & breakfasts and motels situated close to the school or in Duncan.

In the Area

Please email the Cowichan Bed & Breakfast Association ( for more information or visit the CVRD accommodation page.