prizes & presentations

Prizes and presentations

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded on all Finals. Many races also carry one or more trophies which winning crews are asked to return, immediately after presentation, to the Presentation Podium.

As soon as possible after each race, second and third place medallist will pull into the IN DOCK where the medals will be presented to the athletes SEATED IN THEIR SHELL. After presentation, silver and bronze medallists are asked to remove their shells as quickly as possible from the IN DOCK Area.

First Place Gold Medallists will pull into the IN DOCK, take their shell out of the water, and proceed immediately to the Presentation Podium. The shell can be placed in the area reserved for winning crews only. Photographs may be taken by parents/fans at this time. After the presentation, gold medallists are asked to remove their shell as quickly as possible so that the next winning shell has a place to be stored.

Note to all crews

Beside the awards tent, a space is provided for the shell and oars of the winning crew of each final, for their use while being presented their medals. This area is not for general use. Thank you.