Boat Routes

Boat Routes on Campus

On your way to the race...

  • All boats must proceed bow first to the out dock by the route marked.
  • Oars must travel with the boat.
  • Stop at the bow marker table located at the top of the out dock.
  • Coxies check in at the marker table to show their wristband and have their boat checked for safety equipment. All boats must have a bow ball, lane marker holder and quick release safety shoes. Please make sure that your boats adhere to the new rule 3.5 of the Rowing Canada Rules of Racing.
  • When the boat has been cleared the coxie will receive a lane marker and will proceed to the out dock.
  • Please be quick on the out dock. You have 1 minute to get your crew off the dock. This is not the place to be doing last minute adjustments.

After your race...

  • Make sure that your crew is met by people from your club who can bring your shoes and take your oars.
  • Please do not waste any time on the dock. You have one minute to clear the dock.