course rules

Course Rules

  • When leaving the dock travel to the start line on the shore side of lane #1, between the marina and the racecourse. Do not row up the course.
  • Once you have passed the marina you must not stop until you are past the start line. You should be aware that at low tide it is very shallow in this area. You must not practice starts until you have gone beyond the start line.
  • In the warm up area, the traffic pattern is counter clockwise around the orange markers. Do not go past the bright green triangle buoy.
  • You need to be lining up at the green marshaling buoy 10 minutes before your race. You need to be locked into the gates at 2 minutes before your race.
  • When you have finished your race, row well past the finish line into the bay. Return to the dock on the shore side of the red buoy of the finish line. Make sure you listen to the dock marshals.
  • The changeover dock is for hot seating only. Do not take boats out of the water from this dock.