Introducing the Brentwood Virtual Race Series

To help our Rowing Community remain healthy, active and engaged, Brentwood College School invites you to participate in our Virtual Erg or Run Race Series. We have created 3 events running from April to June to keep us all competitive and fit! You can enter an unlimited number of teams consisting of 2 or 4 athletes in the categories below. Contact us at regatta@brentwood.bc.ca for more details. We hope to see you at the races! (like virtually…)

*Open to Para and able-bodied athletes.

(Para entries restricted to 1x only)

Eligibility, Rules & Reporting

  • Open to U17, U19, U23, Open & Masters - Also included are parent/child and family categories.
  • Age categories will be calculated using "Current Year SUBTRACT Birth Year" (i.e., 2020 - 2005 = 15 Years Old)
  • Athletes are allowed to participate in multiple crews. If competing in multiple crews the athlete must race the event time for each crew. (i.e., Athlete 1 is entered in a 2x & 4x. Athlete 1 must complete TWO 20 minute pieces, one counting towards the 2x and the other for the 4x).
  • Crews may choose to participate in 1,2 or all 3 events. Those who compete in all 3 will be vying for the Series Championship, while others will be competing for individual event wins.
  • Crews competing in all 3 events must race each event with the same crew line-up (think of the series as Heats, Semis to Finals).
  • Erg entries are to be completed by the club/school coach through HereNow (button above)
  • Running entries can be completed by individual teams (the coach does not need to complete this) using the button above.
  • Each athlete in the crew must complete the race time in full.
  • To assist us in verifying distance traveled, screenshots of all participants' erg screens/activity trackers must be captured and sent to their club/school coach and provided to the Organizers upon request.
  • No Entry Limits | All results must be submitted by 7pm PDT on the Race Date
  • Late entries will be accepted. Please contact drew.edwards@brentwood.bc.ca for details.


All placing is cumulative metres over race time. Each event will have a winner and the most cumulative metres through all 3 of the series races wins! Winners will be awarded for both erg and run categories.

Results will be posted on this page every Monday following the race date by 12 pm PDT.

*Please use common sense and follow all Local Health Authority precautions. Use physical distancing appropriately and be sure to wash hands and ergs after use.

Again, please be smart and follow appropriate health guidelines.

Contact us at regatta@brentwood.bc.ca for more details.

Thank you to our sponsors!